Bodybuilding for beginners: effective training program

Bodybuilding for beginners

It is important for all beginner bodybuilders to understand that bodybuilding is a sports system that includes a consistent and systematic increase in the training regimen, their intensity, duration and load. Only this way, step by step, day by day, occupation by occupation, your body will necessarily change for the better, and this effect will be noticed by others. Bodybuilding for beginners should not consist of complex programs. Beginners should not hurry, it is fraught with injuries, where it is more bodybuilding training program important to gain experience and learn the correct technique of doing exercises. Patience and work are your main allies in the struggle for a beautiful body in the first stages of training.




Gold components of the lessons of bodybuilding for beginners:

  • The work is performed on each muscle group separately, so, after working the triceps, go to the biceps, pectoral muscles, the press and so on. In this case, a circular method of training is very effective when the exercises are performed sequentially on each muscle group, one after another. This will allow us to develop physical endurance and develop the strength of the cardiovascular system.
  • Beginning bodybuilders focus on basic strength exercises, which allow to qualitatively load the main muscle groups of the body, and isolating complexes are added for the development of hard-to-reach muscles and joints. This method allows you to prepare the entire body for further work with large weights, while the body develops harmoniously and proportionately.
  • The first lessons of bodybuilding begin with small weights, single or double sets with the smallest number of repetitions that a beginner can do right and “feel” this movement. This is necessary for the correct adaptation of the athlete and the development of his competent technique of performing exercises. Further, the number of repetitions and sets increases, depending on the state of health and the results of the bodybuilder. This ” pyramid ” is considered the most safe and effective for a beginner athlete-bodybuilder.
  • Focus on your feelings, include the head and logic, then the muscles respond with rapid growth, and the body really gets strength and stamina.
  • Technique of execution is the basis for new bodybuilders, it is important to make every movement consciously and correctly, smoothly, without jerks, with strength and slowly. Bodybuilding lessons are advised to follow these rules to avoid injuries and achieve maximum results.
  • Adhere to the next pace of the exercise: lifting the weight – two or three seconds, the delay – one or two seconds, then lowering the weight for two or three seconds and a pause for one or two seconds. This will help to fully control the movement process and really achieve results. Breathing during the movement is as follows: a deep breath before lifting the weight, at the peak of exhalation, while lowering the breath and exhaling at the last pause. This will pump muscle fibers along their entire length. Rest lasts one or two minutes, nothing more.

It is necessary to choose the correct nutrition of the athlete, depending on his somatotype and the presence of excess weight, or its shortage.


bodybuilding for beginners


Lessons in bodybuilding are distributed three times a week, optimally, in a day, this regime will allow the muscles to fully recover, and the athlete to gain strength. Intensive classes plus short pauses between sets, the duration of training is not more than an hour, and you will easily enter into a regime of fruitful work on beauty and perfection of one’s own body.

A bodybuilding lesson must consist of a warm-up workout, minutes for ten, fifteen, and basic exercises.

How to start bodybuilding for beginners at home

The training program for beginners is the starting point for guys and girls who decide to connect their lives with a great sport – bodybuilding. When developing a program for beginners, it is worth considering such important factors as: the age of the athletes, the degree of physical fitness, the constitution and morphology of the body, the tasks that the young athlete (s) sets himself. We will give you recommendations on the development of a bodybuilding training program, using which you can achieve a certain level of development in the gym. It’s not always worth listening to instructors who will start to load you from the very beginning and thereby negate your progress in the gym.

Bodybuilding program for beginners

So, as we have already said, we conduct classes twice a week, and therefore we will divide the muscles into two blocks, but the first month you should work out all the muscles in each workout, this will give your atrophied muscles time to get used to a new type of load

Bodybuilding exercises for beginners or “where to start”: a set of exercises of the first to third month

  • Warm up for 15-20 minutes, implies stretching all the muscles of the body.
  • Bench press 3×12,12,12
  • Wide grip rod pull 3×12,12,12
  • Dumbbell bench press sitting (both together) from the shoulders 3×12,12,12
  • Leg press of the platform in the Arnold simulator 3×12,12,12
  • Standing on toes 3×12,12,12
  • Lifting the bar for biceps while standing 3×12,12,12
  • Narrow grip bench press for triceps 3×12,12,12
  • Press (optional)

Warm up:

  • circular rotation of the head in one and the other direction;
  • rotation of shoulders and swinging hands in different directions to warm up the thoracic and dorsal muscles;
  • kneading hands, clasping them in a fist, in different directions in a fast and slow mode;
  • push-ups from the floor and bench;
  • incomplete squats in the right technique;
  • easy running and jumping.

Then follows a short three-minute pause for rest and restoring breathing.

I would like to start with the fact that bodybuilding or fitness is not just a sport, it’s a way of life, because body building you are engaged all day and night. After all, muscle growth begins outside the hall, and during training, you on the contrary destroy the muscles. And that’s why even in a dream you can say that you are engaged in bodybuilding. Remember that your muscles grow, they need a sufficient amount of rest. During training, microtraumas occur, and after that their healing begins first to the initial level, and then over recovery and growth of muscles.


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Most of the visitors of the hall are engaged in years of burdens, but they still do not change externally. Why does this happen? Yes, because they train with the same working weights. If the muscles do not receive a regularly unusual load, then they do not need to grow. Remember, the muscles need an overload, and only thus the body will constantly adapt to new loads and as a result, growth will begin in strength and volume. This principle is one of the main ones for progress. Even if you violate the diet, and receive less protein for muscle growth, the strength will grow in any case.

Do not go into 90% of the hall attendees, be smarter and start keeping a training diary, and then you will be watched and jealous of your volumes over time. The whole secret of rapid muscle growth is the diary, which will constantly push you to a new load for the muscles. Having looked in the diary, you will know exactly how much weight and how many repetitions you have to work on this training, due to the fact that you recorded the last training session. Most people think, but why should I remember these annals in my head, well, then welcome to 90%.


bodybuilding for women beginners


All exercises in bodybuilding can be divided into several types: by muscle groups (legs, chest, back, arms, shoulders) and by the amount of involvement of other muscles (  or isolated ). It is important for beginners to devote their first year to basic exercises only, since they can work with large weights and they work out several muscles at once. Basic exercises are the work with free weights (barbells or dumbbells), but not in the simulators, tk. this simplifies the work.

Performing 1 time movement from beginning to end, called the repetition. If you’ve ever watched a powerlifting competition, then the movement is done in exactly 1 repetition with the maximum weight. But for fitness and bodybuilding 1 repetition is not suitable, but 6-15 is the most. In order to cope with the necessary number of repetitions it is necessary to choose a weight equal to 65-80% of your maximum possible weight which you are able to master one time. If you can shake 90 kg for 1 time, then for you 60-70 kg will be the optimal working weight. A series of repetitions going one after another without rest is called an approach. More details about the number of repetitions can be read here.