Bodybuilding training program

Bodybuilding training program

The Internet is full of an abundance of training programs that will make your body perfect, it remains only to choose which bodybuilding training programs suit you personally. And this, perhaps, is the most crucial moment. Choosing the wrong bodybuilding training, you at least wasted time, as a maximum – you can get an imbalance of the body or even injury.




What is the bodybuilding training program necessary for?

In fact, bodybuilding training is of two types: either you build muscle mass , or work on relief / weight loss. However, not all so simple. With such a small number of training programs, there are a great many: authoring techniques and basic programs, for amateurs, for professionals, circular training, tobaccotraining and takfit … If you show wonders of wit and do not get confused in such abundance, your eyes still run, forcibly want to try different options.

But what happens in the end? Taking up one bodybuilding training session, you will soon switch to the second, third, and so on. By changing programs at this rate, you do not allow your muscles to imbue with them, to experience all the advantages of this or that plan. Therefore, it is important not only to draw up a schedule of exercises, but also to “rest” in it: to follow for at least a couple of months, and, possibly, more, depending on the features of the training cycle.


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“And what if you give yourself into the hands of a personal trainer and protect yourself from having to look for a plan?” Some newcomers think. Yes, of course, this is a great move. You can rely entirely on the opinion of a professional and completely absolve yourself from responsibility. However, do not completely rely on the individuality of the plan, hoping that the coach will make for you a magical program. It was not there! He will simply take the finished plan and correct it a little. Especially often this focus is applied to beginners: the fact is that all beginners must first go through a basic bodybuilding training program in order to strengthen all the muscles. And this is right, because to choose a profile plan, for example, to increase muscle mass or to pump a separate part of the body, you can only make a successful base.


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Almost all coaches do the same. Why is this happening? In fact, it is impossible to make an ideal program from the very first time, which is perfect for a person, because it is not known exactly how the muscles will behave during the training. This can only be learned by experience. And only when you know exactly how a particular load affects your body, you can choose a specific bodybuilding training.

If your task is to gain weight, it is recommended to work 3 approaches in the range of 6-8 repetitions for the best muscle hypertrophy. In this bodybuilding training, rest between approaches should be at least a minute. If you perform a difficult exercise, you can increase the time to 4 minutes. Doing big breaks is not recommended, otherwise the efficiency of work  in the hall will noticeably drop.

To work on the relief, you will need a lot more work, and there is no single solution here. In some programs you will work in interval or circular training methods , in classical ones – increase the number of repetitions to 12-15, reducing the number of seconds of rest to 30 or 0.

On a note to the bodybuilder: the longer you exercise, the faster the muscles are restored. But! The stronger they are trained, the more they need to give rest. And another important point: over time, the recovery capabilities of muscles increase significantly more slowly than your progress. Hence, breaks between training should be increased.


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The sequence of muscle training in bodybuilding

You can choose one of two options, each of which is correct and will bring you results under condition of regular training:

  • You work through the whole body at once. In this case, the basis of your training is compound exercises (multicomponent) , which involve several muscle groups. You will receive less training in the week, as the muscles will recover all at once.
  • The second option: during your bodybuilding training, you focus on individual muscle groups, performing so-called isolated exercises. In this case, the frequency of training per week, you will have more, but you will need less time to recover. This option is considered more effective, but it is recommended to apply it only after you have strengthened the main muscles with the previous method. There is also a complicated version – a split-training.

It is better for beginners to hold the golden mean: to train muscles as often as possible, leaving a maximum of 3-4 days of rest. Distribute specific muscle groups by the days of the week, but without breaking them into smaller components. Choose activities that focus on those or parts of the body: for example,  training on the legs , back or pectoral muscles.

Why can not you train your biceps first and then your back? The fact is that the biceps also works during the exercises for the back. And if you tire of it initially, then it will not work out fully.

To properly build a sequence of muscle training in your bodybuilding program, look at which group they belong to – pushing (for example, deltas, triceps, chest) or pulling (back, biceps). Muscles from one ligament in the training program put in a descending direction, and nothing else.

Start small, having reduced your ambitions, create a basic program of bodybuilding training, a qualitative basis, and in the future you can already adjust the body to the perfect state: the guys can start working on mass or relief by special training. Girls – to improve the lines of their body, lose weight, approaching the ideal or gain weight in the lagging parts of the body, for example, purposefully swing the buttocks.

Before training, be sure to do a warm-up: walk along the path, perform several warm-up exercises. At first, the beginner is recommended to perform warm-up sets of each exercise of his bodybuilding workout, this will prepare the muscles for the load and allow you to perfect the correct technique of execution. The main requirement is to warm up with light scales!