Cheat meal on drying

Cheat meal on drying

Cheat meal is a fairly popular phenomenon among amateur athletes and professional athletes, who are periodically forced to fatten themselves with protein and non-carbohydrate diets for drying subcutaneous fat. The very concept of chetmyl means nothing more than a systematic violation of the diet. For the entire drying period, there will be enough one or two such citmiles that will help survive the stress caused by a calorie deficit without harm to the body.

Every bodybuilder can make chetmlil at the moment when it seems that the diet no longer has any strength and for a piece of pizza or sweet ice cream is ready to give up a dream. The essence of chetmile is reduced to the device of a real holiday of the stomach, when in one day you can eat everything that you wanted so long and even dreamed of. Further – a traditional view of the problem involved.




Correct cheat meal: menu

The importance is not only how and when to properly arrange citmil, but also included in this meal. Cheat meal on a low-carb diet should make up for a serious energy shortage experienced by a slimming person. Therefore, it is desirable that it consisted of high-carb dishes. What to eat on citmile? Pizza, sushi, cake or ice cream, juicy fruit or adorable French fries. The main thing is that the allowed one-time reception does not turn into a prolonged “caloric spree” with an unconscious absorption of everything that comes to hand. At least because chetmil with proper nutrition with a deficit of calories with such a breakdown just loses its meaning.

Cheat meal is not a green light for everything harmful and forbidden. Your menu is replaced only once by your favorite treat in order to remove the overstrain and satisfy the psychological need of the organism for such an “incorrect” product. For this reason, it is not recommended to arrange citmil with wine, as well as any other alcohol and cigarettes.

Benefit and harm of cheat meal

Of course, anyone who chooses to arrange chetmiles will have a question about the benefits and harms of this method. We’ll figure it out together.

1. The slide

  • due to the fact that citmil is a planned violation, you limit the amount of food eaten and less risk retreat from the rules;
  • easier to carry the diet, have a positive mood;
  • unload the digestive system, accelerate metabolism, and therefore lose extra pounds.

2. Harm

  • risk of a complete deviation from the correct diet and, as a result, the loss of all dietary results;
  • weight gain due to carbohydrate loading;
  • possible swelling and discomfort in the abdomen.

How correctly to do ? First, without excessive stress on the stomach and the entire digestive system basic back exercises. An excellent option will be the conduct of citmile on training days, when the metabolism is maximized.


сheat meal


In order not to allow negative consequences, it is important to know about what exactly you should not do:

  • overeat;
  • to arrange extraordinary indulgence;
  • turn the citmile into an obsession.

It is necessary to think carefully and plan the next cheat meal, to correctly calculate the number of calories and to select the composition of products in a thoughtful way. To restore strength and harmless effect it is enough that the energy value of consumed food exceeds the usual no more than 20%. So, for example, citmile in 1800 kcal will already be unacceptable and, especially, for those who lose weight.


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The main tasks of cheat meal

Those who think that cheat meal is a manifestation of weak will, capable of causing irreparable harm on drying – are mistaken. Even experienced professional athletes use this technique to help themselves cope with a complex low-calorie diet. Cheat meal performs several tasks at once:

  1. Due to it, accelerated thermogenesis occurs, the effect of which persists for several days after “eating”.
  2. The gastrointestinal tract gets unloaded from the excess protein obtained during the carbohydrate protein diet.
  3. Psychoemotional unloading and this, perhaps, is the most important thing! In a day dedicated to the day with a clear conscience, you can overeat all that you want, to the extent that the next day oatmeal or boiled chicken fillet will seem no less a holiday. The next morning, the state of health will be so beautiful that new forces will appear with dignity to withstand the tests.

But there is one minor disadvantage of this procedure – a little stress for the pancreas, which does not expect the arrival of such a number of simple sugars. However, one day serious problems will not arise, which means that the method can be considered fully justified from all points of view!

How to do cheat meal: useful recommendations

Below we give the most useful tips that will help to execute cheat meal drying without harm to the body and the end result in general.

  1. On the day of the scheduled citomil, do not depart from the usual diet, trying to “make room” in the stomach for goodies. Just like on any other day on drying, eat the usual food in addition to the delicacies that you yourself will allow. Do not allow the appearance of a brutal hunger, skipping meals, and do not abuse food if you do not feel hungry at all.
    But, as for the number of meals, then citmil implies some failure in the schedule full body workout, again, the planned one. Do not force yourself to continue eating according to the schedule, if you just enjoyed something within the framework of the chetml. Calories, which arrived on this day in the body, will be enough to exclude catabolism.
  2. Try to eat before or after training, when the bulk of food is spent on recovering the energy spent. The day after chetmile, you can afford a serious hard training for all muscle groups, given the replenished glycogen stores in the body.
  3. Do not blame yourself for your weakness. Take the citmile as a prerequisite for proper drying. This is a planned delusion, from which you must definitely enjoy yourself.
  4. Scheduling citmil, try not to get involved and do not stretch it for a few days or even break the diet. If you are not sure that you can stay, then do not start.
  5. Do not abuse citmilom more often than it is necessary. Remember that this is not about the possibility to overeat harmful products, but about the planned action performed for a specific purpose.
  6. If you decide to make chetmile, then try to choose a calorie and balanced food, thanks to which the body can be saturated with glycogen.
  7. Choose the right time for the chetmile. It is very important that this planned action becomes a holiday for you, and not a permissible breakdown. It is possible that you will enjoy a delicious family dinner or go with your friends to a cool party where you can afford to treat yourself to goodies, enjoying life.
  8. Constantly know yourself, analyze your desires. If there is a need to move away from a diet and eat something forbidden, then in most cases it can easily be explained – by stress, boredom or even a skipping of food, causing a frenzied hunger. In such situations it will be easier to calm down, get on the familiar schedule or just bring a little variety to the menu, experimenting with the dishes.
  9. Avoid the weights the day after chetmile. Do not think about the kilos. In one day your mass will not increase, and the water, delayed by the provoked harmful food will evaporate after several training sessions.
  10. Do not be modest! If you already decided to conduct the chetml, then modesty is not something that will need to be shown at such moments. A small piece of pizza or a cake will not be perceived by the body as stress. Rather, they for him will become part of your usual diet with a small addition of sugar and fats. This chetmil not only will not bring benefits to drying, but will not leave any moral satisfaction. On this day it is very important to really eat hearty “from the belly” to eat so that you feel joy.
  11. Remember that the digestive tract will be difficult to cope with the fat and carbohydrates that have piled on it, so it will not be superfluous to help him digest treats with special pharmaceutical products.
    In conclusion, we should note, it is worth doing chetmile or not – it’s everyone who decides for himself. The main thing is that even during the drying and observing a strict diet you feel comfortable, enjoying the harmony with your inner “I”.


best cheat meal



It should also be remembered about the frequency of such discharges: in cases where your main goal is weight loss, then citmil and refid should be added to the diet once every two to three weeks, and the refid should also replace only one meal, but in the second half the day. Weekly chitmiles and citdei fit only experienced athletes.

We should not forget that even in those days when you will arrange for yourself the planned violations, it is necessary to fill the required norm of proteins, amino acids and vitamins, without which it is impossible to achieve the desired results qualitatively.