Female Bodybuilding

Female Bodybuilding

Ironically, however, female bodybuilding  has long been considered an absurd phenomenon, and the concepts of “woman” and “bodybuilding” are mutually exclusive: why should a woman tug iron to lose weight if she can just go on a diet? Over time, the perfect body has ceased to be content with just getting rid of fat, and now women all over the world tend to become beautiful not only by losing weight, but also building a body – pumped up, resilient and sexual.




The history of female bodybuilding

Nevertheless, prejudice is still strong and many girls are afraid to master bodybuilding training. The main myth that is struggling with more than one generation of bodybuilders: beginning to engage in bodybuilding, a woman picks up huge muscles and becomes like a man.

Women have long been considered weaker than men, and the reason for this is simple – hormones. Men have a much higher level of testosterone, a hormone build-up of muscle mass, while women have a higher level of estrogen, which can contribute to the accumulation of excess fat. Even this information should be enough to distract women from fear of force training, and to inform that it is much harder for them to build up muscle mass than for men.

Another reason for not wanting to perform strength  exercises by women is that they just want to “lose weight and be on their toes”, but do not swing their muscles. Dear women, remember: building muscle through bodybuilding training will actually help maintain your metabolism at the proper level and will get rid of fat in problem areas.


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female bodybuilding 


The first contest, which judged women according to standards of bodybuilding, was held in 1978. 1980 was marked by the opening of the first national competitions by the National Committee for Physical Development (NPC), in the same year the first female nomination was held in the most important contest among bodybuilders “Mr. Olympia”. Since then, many girls and women are working with excitement to achieve this title of world significance – “Miss Olympia“. Sounds cool, does not it?

In the mid-1980s, sport is becoming more popular thanks to advertising and, oddly enough, to Playboy magazine. One contestant was even disqualified for 1 year for posing for this magazine, but a nude photo session brought invaluable benefits for this sport, showing amazing results of bodybuilding.

In 2007, women learned to combine an elegant physique with the optimal amount of muscles. Contestants in the category of “Female Bodybuilding” for all their dedication and strength remain all the same women, so attention to their muscle mass is less noticeable than in men’s competitions.

Professional differences

Also, there are no significant differences between the usual trainings for those girls who just want to stay in shape and professional women’s bodybuilding trainings.

The training program for women who just wants to “pull up” the muscles and stay in good general shape, and for the bodybuilders will be similar. The process of shaping a beautiful body, bringing buttocks , press and hips in the beach season and the process of bodybuilding are the same. Bodybuilding   is the process of creating an ideal figure, just professional bodybuilders do it longer and harder.


female bodybuilding workouts


On the other hand, bodybuilding too often adversely affects the biological processes in the body: a change in the hormonal background provokes the cessation of menstruation, the systematic increase in weight increases the size of the heart, which is accompanied by a load on the vessels, joints and ligaments, and chemical preparations “shed” the kidneys.

On the mental too. A person who constantly works on the edge of his possibilities for the sake of victory, which he can not get, is in serious strains.

Bodybuilding often does not cultivate health, but the satisfaction of neurasthenic masochistic needs.