How to pump up a trapezoid

How to pump up a trapezoid

The article will consider a set of exercises for inflating the muscular trapezoid. The complex can be performed at home, or in the gym. Training should be done 2-3 days a week.




Exercises for pumping a trapeze at home

To properly pump the trapeze, even at home, you need to understand its structure and functions. After this, already do exercises to develop the muscles of the trapezium. Trapezes are located in the upper back, they connect the latissimus muscles of the back with the delta and neck muscles, forming a triangle. Trapezius muscles are divided into three main parts:the upper part is designed to lift the scapula along with the shoulder girdle, the lower one makes the opposite effect and lowers and the middle shifts the scapula to the spine.


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trapezius muscles


For an ideal pumping trapezium will have to do the exercises in the development of muscles in three opposite directions. For effective results, you need to use training complexes from several exercises.

  • Exercise 1 – Reverse shreds on uneven bars

Take hold of the uneven bars and raise your arms outstretched. Do not bend your arms in the elbows, try to climb a little more at the expense of the lower part of the trapezius muscles. Hold in this position for 10 seconds. Relax the trapezoid and rest for 10 seconds. Rise again. Well, and so on, all as in the case with the vise.

  • Exercise 2 – Thrust dumbbells with one hand

Stand to the right of the power bench and take the dumbbell in your right hand so that the palm is turned to your body. Pull in the belly and lean forward in the pelvic region, arching your back naturally in parallel to the floor. Slightly bend your knees. Lie with your left hand in the bench on the same line with your left shoulder, and lower the right one. Slightly tilt the chin to the chest, that the neck formed one line with the spine. Pull your right arm up, holding the brush in line with your shoulder and lifting the dumbbell parallel to the ceiling. Raise your hand up until you touch the compressed fingers of the side. Then slowly lower the dumbbell and return to the starting position. Repeat the dumbbell pull with one hand with the other hand.

Exercises for pumping a trapeze in the gym

  • Exercise 3 – Thrust rod to chin

Take the barbell from above (the distance between the palms is slightly less than the width of the shoulders) and become exactly.  In the starting position, the back is straightened and slightly bent in the lower back, the chest is “wheeled”, the shoulders are straightened, the arms are straightened in the elbows, the bar of the bar touches the hips. Take a breath and, holding your breath, strain the trapezoids and deltas. Raising your elbows, pull them vertically up. The movement is “led” by the elbows, not by the shoulders or forearms. When you pull your elbows upward, the bar of the bar should slide vertically along the body from the hips to the chin. Do not hang over the neck, arching your back with an arch. Keep the body and neck smooth, and the chin – horizontally. At the top, elbows are raised as much as possible (uniquely above the shoulders), and the upper part of the arms 30 ° above the horizontal. Having reached the upper point, exhale, pause, and further strain the trapezoids and deltas. Gradually lower the rod in its original position. The pace of the exercise is markedly smooth.

  • Exercise 4 – Shaggy barbells behind the back

Be straight. Place your feet shoulder width apart and slightly bend them at your knees. Ask your partner to give you the bar from behind. Take her grip from above (palms look back). The distance between the palms is slightly wider than the shoulders. Straighten, take your shoulders back and slightly raise your chest. Pull in the stomach, but do not bend your back, keep the natural bend of the spine. Hands completely straightened behind the back. The bar is at the bottom of the buttocks. Look straight ahead. On inhalation, lift the shoulders as much as possible up. Do not help yourself bend your hands, they should stay straightened throughout the set. Only the shoulders move. Back, chest and legs are motionless. Having reached the top point, do your best to strain the muscles of the trapezoid and try to hold the bar in this position for a second (to achieve maximum muscle contraction).Exhale and smoothly lower your shoulders.


exercises to strengthen trapezius muscles


How quickly to pump the trapezoid

  • To work with the maximum amplitude, Before the beginning of the exercise, the shoulders should be thoroughly pulled, hang in a relaxed state on the crossbar, do partial pull-ups (per cm 10-15), completely relaxing between repetitions.
  • During the exercise on the trapezium, between repetitions do not relax the muscles completely, otherwise the shoulders will be rounded and the load will go forward.
  • The higher the shoulders rise, the more the upper parts of the muscle of the trapezium and the muscles contract, lifting blade (levator scapulae). This promotes the recruitment of a larger muscle mass.
  • Performing repetitions with a delay in breathing helps maintain a torso in a straightened position, this allows the muscles to work more efficiently and reduces the burden on the spine.
  • At runtime, you need to look straight ahead, it helps to keep the torso in the right position.


Before starting the exercises on the trapezoid, be sure to spend a good workout, so as not to cause injuries to this muscle group, and an easy stretch after completing the complex will help you avoid stiffness and restore ease of movement. For greater load efficiency Trapezius muscles should be trained immediately after working on the muscles of the shoulders. During the training, do at least two exercises for 5 approaches.