How to take protein? Usage rules and dosage

How to take protein

Protein is an indispensable protein for the human body. It consists of all organs and other components. It accelerates the regeneration of tissues, reduces triglyceride levels, reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol, strengthens immune defense, imparts more endurance to training and even appointed by some doctors to treat patients.




What is protein?

Protein is a unique product that can make life easier for any athlete, due to a number of positive qualities and ease of use. There are a number of reasons why a protein should be used in conjunction with a classic protein diet:

  1. Protein intake even once a day can increase the daily intake of
    protein by 50-60 grams, which is one-third of the daily requirement for proteins for the athlete or half the normal person’s standard.
  2. For bodybuilders preparing for competition, protein is the best way to reduce weight by adhering to a high-protein diet. Since it is difficult to isolate a concentrated protein volume from an ordinary food, the athlete who takes the protein on drying will always benefit from an athlete who is only eating normal food.
  3. In the mass-gathering period for bodybuilders it is extremely difficult not to swim with fat and prevent the emergence of a “prominent belly”, but all because you need to eat at least six times a day, and this amount of food inevitably stretches the stomach. Just two protein intake per day, if they replace the usual meals, can solve this problem.

How to take protein? Dosage

Physiologists have long conducted all the research they are interested in and found out that for effective growth of muscle mass a person needs to consume at least one and a half grams of protein per day from the account of 1 kilogram of weight basic back exercises. And better 2-2.5 grams. This means that for each person the dosage will be different. A person who weighs 80 kilograms should not consume the amount of protein consumed by a person whose weight is at around 120 kilos. You can always get the necessary information on this topic by reading the instructions on the package. It always has information on dosages and all the necessary recommendations.

How to drink protein: the optimal time and type of protein

There is a slow, complex and fast protein. Protein bars are still on sale. In turn, we list the methods and time of taking each of the types of proteins.

Fast protein (isolate)

A fast protein is a protein that is quickly absorbed in the human body.


Fast protein is ideal for increasing muscle mass, and to be precise, for the speedy replenishment of amino acids in muscles.


It is absorbed in a few minutes, as a result of which the recovery process is as painless and quick as possible.


how to take protein


Fast protein intake

Protein can be drunk several times a day. Most often it is done in breaks between meals. Enough 2-3 receptions of 30-60 grams.

Before training To
sportsmen for a set of muscle mass, it makes sense to drink protein cocktail even for 1 hour before training. Immediately before training, bodybuilders recommend taking 6-8 grams of BCAA amino acids to enhance the effect.

After exercise
Quick protein should be drunk immediately after exercise. At this time, the body needs carbohydrates, proteins and other components. Isolate will help to effectively facilitate the work of the stomach.

Isolate is actively taken in the morning. Do it better right after you wake up.


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How to cook fast protein?

When you buy protein, complete with a can always “go” measuring cup, usually 30 grams. You can make protein with water or milk. 1 cup is diluted to 180-200 milliliters of liquid. If you do not tolerate milk protein – give up milk. Complex and slow protein is prepared similarly.

Complex protein
Complex proteins are a mixture of different types of protein. This is the best type of protein in terms of digestibility and action on the body. In one complex, you get casein protein, whey, egg and soy, and, consequently, all of them are the best.

Whey protein is made from whey. He has a high rate of biological activity full body workout. Take better immediately after training. Its advantage over others is low cost. Let’s talk about this type of protein below.

Soy protein is not always quickly processed in the body, especially when not cleaned up to the end. But today this protein is in demand. One of the advantages is a decrease in the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.


how to drink protein


Casein protein is a milk protein with a high biological value. Very slowly absorbed, so it is better to take before bed. Poorly soluble in water, has an unpleasant taste. Let’s talk about this type of protein below.

Egg white for a long time decomposes in the body – 4-6 hours. It is expensive, but it has a high biological value.


Complex protein when taking muscle mass is better taken 2 hours before the start of training, in between meals and at bedtime. After exercise, it is better to drink a portion of fast protein. When losing weight, the order of reception does not change.


Slow Protein
Protein, which is absorbed by the body for a long time, is thought to be slow for six to eight hours. Slow proteins are actively used by people who want to have a relief figure and reduce excess weight.

When recruiting muscle mass, slow protein should be taken before bedtime. Overnight, muscles will receive the required portion of amino acids. Protein can be consumed between meals.

When losing weight, the slow protein is taken in the same way. If desired, they can replace one or two meals.

How to take whey protein?

Whey protein is divided into three types:

  • Hydrolyzate.
  • Concentrate.
  • Isolate.

Whey Protein Hydrolyzate is a mixture of constituents formed as a result of the breakdown of the isolate.

Concentrate is a form of protein, very common among consuming people, as it costs little, but it works effectively. In addition to the protein, the composition includes minerals, carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Isolate. If we compare it with concentrate, this form is distinguished by an increased degree of purification. The share of impurities does not exceed ten percent.

Whey protein intake

Hydrolyzate, isolate or concentrate are taken in different ways, depending on the needs. So, hydrolyzate of whey protein is necessary in case it is necessary to quickly fill the deficiency of amino acids, as it begins to be quickly absorbed. It is often taken at the end of training, and also before it starts. Problems with digestion after taking hydrolyzate of whey protein does not arise.

The duration of assimilation of the isolate is longer – 30-40 minutes, so it is better to use it for 30-40 minutes before the start of training.


The protein concentrate can be taken after the training process, as well as during it. You can drink in the morning, immediately after sleep, and also before going to bed.


How to take casein protein?

Casein is split several times longer than whey protein. It is often used by people who want to remove extra pounds, as well as bodybuilders who want to quickly build the right muscle mass, provide the muscles with the right amino acids, and prevent their destruction.

Casein with fat burning is actively used because it gives a feeling of saturation for a long time, blocking the hunger. There are very few fats in it and no carbohydrates. Casein blocks the destructive processes in the tissues.

When pumping muscles, casein is also indispensable, it actively supplies muscle fibers with essential amino acids for several hours, this is important at the moment when training ends. The muscles after the training process begin to actively involve the amino acids from the body for recovery.

When to take casein protein?

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, casein should be taken between meals, especially when there is no way to have a snack for several hours. At this time, a portion of food can be replaced with a portion of casein.

Casein can be taken before bedtime. At night, the process of muscle growth starts. After training and before it starts taking casein protein does not make sense. At this time the body requires proteins that are quickly absorbed and carbohydrates. For these purposes, whey protein is best. It turns out that when dialing muscle mass, casein protein should be taken at bedtime in the amount of one serving of 40 grams.


casein protein


If your task is to get rid of extra pounds, casein will work in this case too: it will satisfy the hunger and at the same time will not allow the destruction of muscles. You need to drink casein two to four times a day. One serving is 25-35 grams. This can be done both before bedtime and during a break between meals.

How much protein is consumed per day?

Protein dosage for each person is individual. So it is known that a day should eat 1.5-2 grams per kilogram of weight. But by the standards of producers, the average figure is 30-60 grams of protein per 0.2-0.3 liters of water or milk. Or 1-2 measuring spoons for 250-300 milliliters.

What foods contain protein?

Most of the protein contains food of animal origin. This meat, including fish, cottage cheese, eggs, other dairy products.


There is a lot of protein in the cereals, it’s not for nothing that parents from childhood made many eat porridge. Rice, buckwheat, oats, wheat, oatmeal will give you the necessary portion of protein.

A rich source of protein is nuts. This cashew, almonds, pine nuts. Some people have an intolerance to a certain type of nuts. In general, almonds, hazelnuts and cashews are very useful fruits. They are very useful for the human body.

Legumes are another source of protein. These include: peas, beans, lentils.

But to replenish protein with vegetables and fruits, enough to eat cucumbers, squash, cabbage, avocado, fig.

Protein is necessary for everyone, however, it is simply not worth taking it. The body has enough protein for its normal functioning. Protein is needed only if you want to pump muscle, lose weight, or with protein deficiency. Drink protein only if necessary and do not replace them with food.